Tattoos of Lionel Messi

If you haven’t been paying attention, Leo Messi is tattooing himself up. He’s been working on some full sleeve action, just like some famous footballers like some of them David Beckham, Neymar Jr., Dani Alves, Nigel De Jong, Tim Cahill, Kevin-Prince Boateng, and many other football players.

messi shoulder tattooThe Tattoo On Leo Messi Shoulder

The first tattoo that Lionel Messi got was about his mother. Paying respect to his mother, he got his mother’s face tattooed on his back side of his shoulder, which symbolizes the big love to his mother. When he was a little boy and he was making his first steps in football with FC Barcelona shirt, he was alone with his dad. His mother and the other members of the family returned in Argentina. Maybe this tattoo is for the love of his mother, which even the long distance never faded away.

messi leg tattooMessi’s Inked Foot Tattoo

His biggest asset and the most valuable thing in the football world, Messi’s left foot is now inked. Messi was blasted on the social networks for his “ugly” tattoo. Most of the people think that this tattoo is a cliche and they don’t like it and their opinion is that if Leo Messi is going to do tattoos on him it has to be something modern and more creative. Messi got a sword enveloped with wings. On the left side of the sword is a football ball and to the right is his Messi-Tattoo-on-his-left-leg-with-his-jersey-number-10-2number 10. In the back, on his calf are the hands and the name of his son Thiago. Nowadays we can find an angel wings around the sword and the name of Thiago, roses, swords, a ball and even a number 10. But for me, Messi has done great job on his leg and he is not paying attention to all of the critics told by the people who hate and are jealous about the things he had do and achieved. The best way to do with negativism and all the haters. Good job Messi !

messi new arm tattoo jesus christ Lionel Messi’s “New” Arm Tattoo

A few months ago, he started working on a full “sleeve” tattoo on his right arm. He has a tattoo of Jesus Christ on his triceps which tells us that Lionel Messi is really a religious person. New Messi’s tattoo on his arm is inspired by the Sagrada Família of Barcelona. According to the artist that made the draw to the players’ arm, Roberto López, Fine Arts’ teacher, assures that Messi wanted everything to be perfect and it was his order.


Recently, we got a full show of the tattoo he has on his arm. The entire tattoo covers a Lotus, which symbolizes that talent can grow anywhere even with forces stopping it; a rose window of the famous Barcelona church Sagrada Familia, which shows the love he has for the city.

A Video about Messi Tattoos