Messi Left Leg Tattoo

We had recently seen that Lionel Messi has started to ink himself. From his left leg to his right arm.tmt1 Maybe one of the first tattoo is Messi mother’s face. Which we know shows the respect and his love to her. not long time ago he inked his left foot with his son name and two little baby hands which seem to be Thiago’s. And the newest inked part of Leo is his full “sleeve” tattoo on his right arm. Maybe the rarest accessory of his arm that we can see and we ever saw, is the face of Jesus.

Why some people do not like Messi tattoo?

Messi leg tattoo
Lionel’s girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo shared a first close-up of the design on her Instagram. At the snap, a child – believed to be Messi’s son Thiago – is also seen drawing on the most expensive leg in the world. And the photo was named: “Finishing the tattoo for Papi.” The tattoo features a basic design of a black and a white football above a winged sword, next to his number of his Barcelona jersey . Leo Messi has been the subject of a huge backlash over his tattoo choice. Some of them think that those types of tattoos are cliche, others say that the tattoo is with no meaning and looks stupid on Messi.

Many online users had written:

  1. “Lionel Messi’s leg tattoo is absolutely vile.”;
  2. “Messi’s taste in tattoo is really awful.”;
  3. “Why, MESSI? Leo’s ruined the greatest left leg in history”.

Messi leg tatto 2

Why I like the leg tattoo?

Personally for me this tattoo is beautifully made and for Messi this tattoo mean something. It can be sentimental or something very important but he has some reason for inking this tattoo. And from 8 billion people I suppose that I am not the only one who thinks like this. Another thing is that I do not think that Messi cares about the negative comments. Here is one comment:

“He went full ballistic with the ink gun to make the tattoo on his leg more awesome. We love you Messi. Go ahead Leo !”.
Messi showing arm and leg tattoosThese months Leo Messi is covering himself with tattoos and we have to expect everything from such an amazing player who plays with his heart.