Messi Mom Tattoo

This is the first tattoo of Messi, and it shows his love to his mother and his country. It also can be read as a sign of gratitude for all she had done for him.

Interesting fact is that Leo was scared of the pain that he could feel, so he brought his long-termed girlfriend Antonella and she was first to be tattooed from the artist. After she told him that it was not painful, he tattooed his mother’s face on his left shoulder.

It is believed that he has been inspired of his teammate Dani Alves who has new tattoo almost every month. And one of the things that he is famous is his body, which is whole inked.

Messi Tattoo of his mother on his back

messi tattoo of his mom

Messi with his wife. Mom tattoo is well visible

Tatto of Messi mother

Argentine attacker liked the art on Alves and Neymar, who also plays for FC Barcelona and he decided to make his first tattoo. After some years of growing, he decided to take a new step forward with his full sleeve tattoo, his leg tattoo and even Jesus tattoo which is part of his full sleeve tattoo.