Messi Full Sleeve Tattoo

The newest tattoo which Messi has is a full sleeve masterpiece on his right arm. This tattoo is believed to have been inspired by the famous landmark of Barcelona, Sagrada Familia. Also the man, who is guity for this impressive work of art, Roberto López said “it was a Messi desicion and he was really explicit about what he wanted.”

As a proof for the claim that he was inspired by Sagrada Familia he has the very same rose window on his elbow like the one the landmark has. “Barcelona is integral part of his life, the city is the centre of his universe. And he shows it with this tattoo. He could live and play wherever he wanted, but he chooses to stay in this city.”, says Roberto Lopez.

Messi hand tattoo
Messi at the tattoo studio

Not long ago, the Argentinian also completed the tattoo on his leg,which starts with the hands of his son Thiago. After the completion we can see an angel wings, roses, swords, a ball and even a number 10, which is his number in FC Barcelona.

Messi Leg TattooLeg tattoo - closer view

Recently, we got a full show of the tattoo he has on his arm and his leg. The entire tattoo covers a Lotus, which symbolizes that talent can grow anywhere even with forces stopping it; a rose window of the famous Sagrada Familia, which shows the love he has for the city.

Messi full sleeve tattoo