Jesus face tattooed on Messi’s arm

There is a tattoo of Jesus face, crowned with garland of thorns, on Lionel Messi’s right arm. He posted a picture with his son, holding the Champions League cup, on Facebook and Instagram. The Champions League trophy is big enough for the cute Thiago. He can even bathe there, if he wants.

The Lionel Messy’s entire tattoo was shown after he helped Barcelona to win the Champions League against Juventus.

This is nоt the first time the Jesus tattoo has made an appearance. We had seen bottom part of it before, during his press-conference previewing the Bayern Munich match and in several matches and training sessions, but we had never seen the upper part. We rarely get to see Jesus’ face in our lives, because Messi hardly ever takes off his shirt, which proved us he was working on full sleeve tattoos.

Messi and Thiago after the Championship League final

For instance, the closest picture before the final of Champions league was posted on social media and even worse quality and we can see some partс of Jesus face:
One of the first pictures of Messi new tattoo


Messi isn’t as overt about his religious leanings as some other soccer stars. One of them is the PSG defender (CF) David Luiz, who promised not to have sex until he is married. And Messi’s Barca teammate Neymar who plays as a left wing (LW) has a David Beckham-ripoff cross tattoo on the back of his neck.

He posted some other pictures where we can easily see Jesus face.
Messi is realaxing and we can see very good The tattoo

As a conclusion, we can say that Messi enjoys body art. He has plenty of tattoos,on his legs,even the face of his mother on his back and now Jesus face.