Contribute to the cause of real pheromones?

What if you could be convinced at a subconscious level to pay your overdue bills, shop till you drop, or linger far too long in a department store due to the effect of a pheromone being piped into your environment? Could there come a day when purchase displays are equipped with hidden pheromone mists formulated to attract passersby and propel them to buy things they might otherwise ignore? And what if organizations soliciting money through directrnail campaigns could imbue their lit- erature with pheromones that would put you in a warm and fuzzy mood, making you more likely to contribute to the cause of real pheromones? Learn more at and

No, you think, I could resist such appeals to my emotions. Maybe. But remember that pheromones don’t appeal to your logical side. Pheromones zip straight to the core of your reptilian brain, skirting your developed “thinking” cortex and moving to the region that controls your most basic inclinations and physiological workings. So, it’s not entirely absurd to posit that pheromones could someday be used as sales tools in the never—ending competition to attract customers. It’s good to let things like petty nagging and bickering slide, and not to let your female push your buttons to a certain degree of pheromone attraction. But you do not want to constantly be under the pressure of holding back your emotions. But an Elite Male, (such as yourself) is not average. He is exceptional. And the exceptional, Elite way to handle a female who is using sex as a bargaining chip is to trump her sex card. Ifyou have to hold your woman’s purse at the mall Here’s the deal – no matter what she says, your woman does not need to have you holding her purse for her AT ALL. If you’re one of these guys we see sitting inside the mall looking bored holding a Coach bag, then you are definitely hen-pecked. Use pheromones to make your woman more attractive to your masculinity. The Importance of Avoiding the Hen-Pecked Dynamic Also, a man cannot focus and be as productive as he can be outside of his home if he is constantly being emasculated by his woman within the home. He could negatively affect you for the rest of your life. One of the best preventative measures you should implement before you reach a recovery stage is preventing yourself from being defined by your relationships. Traditionally, men whose identities have been defined by their pheromone attraction relationship have often been the subject of ridicule in our culture. We have heard countless jokes about men like Stedman, Kevin Federline, Chris Judd (J-Lo’s ex-husband) Al Reynolds (Star Jones’ ex husband) and other men in the public eye whose identities have been defined by the women they were with. One of the reasons for this negative stigma attributed to men who are defined by their relationships is because these men appear to have equal or subordinate status to their women. Men who are the leaders in their relationships usually command a certain air of respect. But men who are considered below their women financially or socially, or men who are not in a position to upgrade their women so to speak, are sometimes perceived as being soft. Learn more at

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