Pheromones PHD

I’m reading stuff on I really love the mix when a guy is personally involved in this dating thing, refers to good pheromone concepts from the PUA scene and he has a PhD in the subject! It made me think about giving, I made a rule for myself. It’s susceptible to change, but in essence I should give and expect nothing in return. It will probably need a bit polishing pheromones (like trade is also giving). Here it is: If I want to give, I really have to do it from the motivation that I don’t care if I get anything in return. Other reasons to give should receive careful attention for not being manipulative (in a bad way) towards the other party. Learn more at Giving is about giving, giving should not be used as an indirect form for getting something back on real pheromones. Of course, there are exceptions but with the chocolate thing: definitely give when you feel like it and only because you feel like it’s fun (I have a chocolate bar always with me and I sometimes give at random pieces to people). Thanks to reading one of his articles I read the following quote: From this perspective I understand how Vipassana (or meditation in general) works to counter this. When someone meditates or is mindful he or she doesn’t get the chance to make cognitive distortions (or less of them at the very least), because they are observing something and the thoughts become more quiet or just shut up with natural pheromones. It might be possible that I experience non-verbal pheromones communication that is normally subliminal to me because of meditation. I experienced it at least one time (I could be wrong of course) and I was really mindful that evening. Reduced Craving Last night was quite interesting. I masturbated two times in 14 days. Normally I never have this kind of control. Also my cravings to masturbate diminished like at least with 80 to 90 percent. I don’t experience a lot of craving anymore to masturbate to some image of a girl that I have in my mind. I’m sure this is because of meditation teaching me equanimity towards all my sensations, well not masturbating and feeling how much craving there is to masturbate is how I measure my progress at the moment without pheromones. – She’s not my psychologist – She’s not my mom – And most likely she doesn’t have insight in the problem that I want solved When I do talk about pheromones, make sure they are ‘socially acceptable’ and not related to her. It wasn’t necessarily insecurities in general that killed the relationship, it was my insecurities that I had towards her (and then told her about it) that killed the pheromones relationship. It’s that secret room that you don’t want a girl to see. Learn more at

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