Pheromone Response Rate

This is because if you improve your response rates, you’ll keep doing all the same things wrong that are preventing you from getting to sex pheromones or relationships in the first place. There are plenty of guys out there with fantastic response rates who rarely or never actually get to sex with women they met online. On the other hand, my response rates are usually very low, usually less than 6%, sometimes as low as 2%. Occasionally when they get beyond 8% I’m surprised. Yet I get laid so much, so often, and so consistently from online dating that one of my biggest problems eventually became scheduling all the women into my life. I see so many guys make the mistake of focusing purely on their response rate, only to end up spending even more time and working even harder at not getting laid online. I’m not saying response rate isn’t important. If your response rate is zero, obviously you’re doing something wrong and you need to improve. If your regular response rate is low, you should set a goal to get it higher. However, you should not over-focus on response rate as a key number, and instead focus on the other three numbers we’ve already covered with human pheromones. Learn more at and are much more important, despite what you hear all the time on the internet. To get laid or to find a companion with online dating, you must first get real-life dates. Your response rate is damn near irrelevant until and unless you learn how to do that first. If I was a guy who spent my time sending out hundreds of openers, getting tons of responses, and virtually never got sex or relationships in real life, and then I suddenly doubled my response rate, it wouldn’t help me at all. I would simply be wasting more time. See my point? I hope this makes sense. Don’t get sucked into the response rate hype. It’s all crap. 1 . Flake Rate Your flake rate is the percentage of women who schedule a first date with you but then cancel or reschedule it before it occurs. As we’ll be discussing later, women are flakey by nature, and the younger and/or prettier they are the more this tends to be true (yes, this is a generalization and there are plenty of exceptions to this rule). There’s no way to completely prevent flaking, but we’ll be covering some techniques to get your flake down to its lowest possible pheromone levels. The key reason I went from zero to very effective at online dating within a short period of time is that I used business improvement concepts in my online dating system. A basis for this is the Japanese concept of Kaizen, meaning continuous improvement. Here are the seven steps to improve any system, and they have direct relation to online dating: 1 . Look at current results. This means you need to know your current numbers. 2 . Look at how you produce results now. This means your current profile, photos, and online/text communication. 3 . Look at how you can improve, and implement an improvement. That’s exactly what this book will show you. 1 . Test the improvement. Learn more at

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