fully – fledged pheromones

As you are going to be a fully – fledged pheromone practitioner, I want you to be conscious about (and accepting of) your true nature as a manipulator. Whenever you try to alter a woman’ s thoughts and pheromone behavior, you are manipulating her. I want you to understand that it ’ s completely natural to feel somewhat disgusted about this fundamental truth about human nature, and yet accepting it. I felt increasingly disturbed as I progressed in my work, increasingly unable to fathom the bleakness stemming from the vulnerability of the female pheromones. Indeed, some of the Mind Control techniques I learned seemed so wicked and unscrupulous that after sixteen months of hardcore research I had decided to disown the project. I kept all my notes, recordings an d materials in a sealed box and kept it hidden in the attic, vowing not to expose the material to anyone. Then, something happened that turned everything around true pheromones. I had wanted to “ forget ” everything I learned, but the new knowledge that I had discovered earlier started to creep up , manifesting in everything I did. While I wasn’ t deliberately trying to use any of the pheromone tactics that I had learned on the women I met, they turned up effortlessly and naturally. Learn more at http://shieldsvmoakciurs.page.tl/pheromone-cologne-Colognes-For-Girls.htm and http://austingosser.bcz.com/2016/11/29/unscented-pheromone-sprays-that-work/It was as if I had been newly endowed with superpowers to make any woman yield to my influence, control and authority. When I looked back to find out what changed, and I came to the 1 I had spent three years apprenticing inside the MKDELTA group, a secret underground society devoted to developing techniques on Mind Control, persuasion and dark influence of human pheromones. I know of no topic matter that is more engrossing, more liberating, more rewarding, and alas, more puzzling. By its very own nature, seduction can be a bewildering subject. And to make things worse, it has also been made deliberately confusing by some people for reasons that I s hall explain later on in this chapter. Studying seduction is my number one passion, and those who know me well say that my pursuit of knowledge in the art of seducing women borders on fanaticism. Indeed, I am completely gripped by the obsession to consume the power of winning over any woman I lay my eyes on in a matter of minutes – it ’ s now a lifelong preoccupation that I am almost powerless to resist pheromones. The following may sound somewhat wicked but it is without the power of human pheromones. Manipulation is the core of our survival as humans, and by extension, our continued existence entirely true: if you want women to fall in love with you, you must manipulate them. With pheromones your eagerness to use it on every woman you lay your eyes on, you will be tempted to abandon your ethics. Don ’ t do i t. Karma is a real bitch, and you can count on the fact that every bad deed always gets paid back in spades. Precondition #2: You Must Conceal Your Intentions Until The Manipulation Is Complete “ Conceal your purpose and hide your progress; do not disclose the extent of your designs until they cannot be opposed, until the combat is over. ” – Ninon de Lenclos, 1623 – 1706 Know this: whether it ’ s Mind Control, covert persuasion or hypnosist here ’ s one underlying P recondition that makes them so frighteningly effective – the Concealing of Intentions. Learn more at http://chrshrt112.typepad.com/blog/2016/11/my-pheromone-attraction-with-women.html

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