Keep Her Excited

I can see you rolling your eyes at this one. I know, it sounds trite, but I swear, all it takes is one smelly session and it can put you off the next six. l don’t mean oversanitize yourself so you drown the naturally nice and distinctive scent of your body. Just make sure you don’t reek of cigarettes and garlic, all covered up with (the ultimate turn~off) bad aftershave. I don’t know t there’s a scientific basis for women having a more acutely developed sense of smell but. it comes to sniffing out week-old slices of pizza shoved under the couch, we’re experts: know that smell is a huge part of our attraction to someone on a purely primitive lev like fresh breath matters maybe even more to us. Regarding aftershave: the trick here to apply a small amount, so there’s a hint of scent. Too much of it isn’t just offputting, its overpowering. It makes us sneeze and it makes our eyes water. Which in turn makes our eye makeup run, so we feel less attractive and, when we feel unattractive, We definitely don’t feel like sex. That definitely wasn’t the result you were hoping for, now was it? Learn more at and


Because it’s harder for women to orgasm, we tend to rush to the finish line once we’re on the home stretch, in case something happens to rob us of our moment. Next time, don’t let her. The longer she hovers at the brink of orgasm, the better the resulting orgasm will be Orgasm is simply the release ol tension and blood-flow in the genitals, so make sure its allowed to build to its peak pressiire before letting go. Increase the intensity further by getting her to clench her bottom and inner thighs: it helps boost blood flow to the entire pelvic area. Let her savor the almost-but-notquite stage by switdiing between intense and dired stimulation (like oral sex) and milder, nongenital stimulation (kissing or touching her breasts). When you do finally let her go all the way, massageher lower abdomen with your hand. This stimulates her inner clitoris as well. The point of all these sexual positions is to up your orgasm quota by using a combination of techniques to hit both intemal and external hot spots. Never one to leave much to chance, I suggest we hedge our bets by mounting this campaign on two fronts: with words and action. Like, how about we debunk the myth and let him in on the secret, eh? You know, the one about the penis being the almighty satisfier. Because it‘s…well, just not true. Be honest If you can only climax during intercourse when he’s stroking your clitoris as well, tell him! Explain that it’s not his fault but that lots of women are built that way and that it’s a matter of biology, and has nothing to do with his sexual technique. If he’s got a problem, tell him to take it up with God, failing that, Mother Nature. Once he’s recovered, give him a biology lesson. Learn more at

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