Introduction to qualitative video analysis

Introduction to the qualitative video analysis: the seminar is aimed at researchers, PhD students and students of computer science and economics, that deal with video material in your research. These are for example videos in the field of human-machine interaction, the user interface design, observing behavior at the workplace or films of the marketing area, video-based advertising effectiveness studies, research into customer behavior. Increasingly, video interview research plays a role, such as when the focus is on facial expressions, gestures or posture. The link of video analytics data with other types of data (text, audio data, image data) and opportunities of own research that quickly become days of working with the video are the integration of own analysis in statistical and multimedia databases. The book publication Moritz 2011 underlies the workshop.

Content and objectives: The question What is actually a video? initially launching illuminated the actual material of the subject matter. Explanations to the question “Why videos transcribe?” will be starting point for the work of applied research: How transcribe videos? A brief overview of current video analysis and transcription systems of qualitative social research shows the difference to the video transcription work with the box score-system. Practical video analysis and transcription work is performed in the workshop by presenting application examples from various research methods. The video materials can be inserted for this purpose pages of participants or by pages of the speakers. The individual constituents of thevideos are named and categorized as examples with the box score software. Preparation: Please bring your own laptop to the event, because we are working with a Web-based software in a box score demo account. If you are interested to edit video footage from your research or work area in a so-called mini research workshop,

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