Pheromones Can Help You

Pheromones can help you break the ice with girls. The point of it all, you want whenever you tell the girl your name, she goes, “Wow! How did you et that name! That’s unique”? This automatically builds intrigue, interest and sparks a good conversation. Moreover, you’re not choosing a name just to look or sound cool [although that’s part of it]. Yo ‘re doing this as your first step of pickup in order to elicit instant interest from the girl when you’re going to chat up from now on. Learn more at pheromones, I adopted the pseudonym “Social Kenny”, being that my first name is Kennyata. I added the “Social” to give some spice to the name Kenny.

Whenever an HB asks me “What’s your name”? The moment I say SocialKenny, they’ll instantly inqui e: “Really! Did your mother name you Social!? That’s cool”! Therefore, there’s attraction power in a name! Do not under estimate the importance of adopting a PUA specific name. Irony is, as you become a seasoned pro at this, you’ll naturally shed the name and go back to yo r given name [sounds contradicting I know]. Most master PUA’s in social media have been doing this over the past 2 years. For instance, the godfather of Pickup, Mystery, does not use Mystery as his name anymore. He now goes by Erik Von Markovik (his real name). Learn about pheromones at Durden now goes by Owen Cook. The purpose of switching back is very difficult to break down, but the theory is (never explain d until now) that as you attain a certain level of Game, you become so congruent and confident n your own skin, that you no longer need a “cool name” to communicate instant interest.

Just as a male-stripper doesn’t go home to mommy telling her that his stage name is Big Dick Ado is. A PUA novice doesn’t have to neither. His new name is just specific to the Pickup community and girls!”How to become a Pickup Artist from scratch (a newbie’s guide)” Course #2: What’s a player without his garment!? A PUA who isn’t on top of his fashion game is like a rooster without feathers; looks horrible an incongruent. For argument sake, let’s say that you cannot afford new clothes, and you pretty much have to work with what you have. There is still hope where peacocking is concerned when using pheromone cologne like Pherazone. Peacocking is a concept of pickup which basically boils down to accessorizing yourself with accessories. Now, I can already hear the macho-men protesting: “Fuck no! I don’t wear accessories. That’s for girls”!!! I don’t mean for you to start wearing chick jewelries and turn yourself into a drag-queen of sorts. However, there are many accessories that are male friendly. When I started out in pickup as a student, first thing I purchased was 1 of those huge synthetic cowboy-belt buckle. Not only did it make my wardrobe cooler and gave me a bad-boy edge, but chicks were digging it! Peacocking accessories are dirt cheap! I wear beaded necklaces which I make myself from purchasing packs of colored beads and using an old shoestring to make a necklace.

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