LiveLeap Review

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LiveLeap is a brand new Internet Marketing product created

by Luke Maguire, the same product creator behind some of the biggest product

names of the past two years. During that span, Luke has built a loyal following

of marketers that put their trust into everything with his name on it because

his products yield results and increased profits. While it would be easy to

write an entire article about Luke Maguire’s feats as a product creator, I am

actually here to tell you about LiveLeap which is undoubtedly going to make a

big splash in the online marketing scene because it does something that we always

expect good products to do, it addresses a major need and solves it.

LiveLeap is the very first Facebook Live syndication tool. With LiveLeap,

Facebook users – and more specifically Facebook Live users – will have the

ability to share their Live Feeds directly to FB Pages, Groups, Twitter,

LinkedIn and more. You can even share your Live Feeds with your e-mail lists

and mobile phone contacts as soon as you go live.

LiveLeap has also been approved by Facebook so you do not have to worry about

anything sketchy or any gray areas with this product. Until LiveLeap emerged on

the market, it was simply not possible to share your live feeds on Facebook to

business pages or groups and you can forget about external social networking

platforms; that wasn’t happening. As a result, it was only possible to reach a

small and ineffective group that represented a similarly tiny percentage of

your niche market. That means you are not getting much value for the time that

goes into doing your live broadcasts. With LiveLeap, all of that has changed


The LiveLeap product development team has already released a full demo and

sneak peek at the software which I would highly recommend watching as soon as

you are finished with this article. In fact, if you visit my LiveLeap review

page, you will be able to watch the video directly from that page. Unlike many

online marketing products where the product creator is just a name on the box

and he or she will have their programmers speak on the official demo instead,

that is not the case with the LiveLeap demo which features Luke Maguire’s

narration from start to finish. You will also get a highly comprehensive look

at the product including all of its features and functionality.

LiveLeap also comes with a money back guarantee. All buyers will have 30 days

to try the product after making their initial purchase. At any point during

this 30 day period, if the buyer decides they do not wish to continue using

LiveLeap, they will be entitled to a full refund of the amount paid for the

software with no questions asked. That said, it is a safe bet that less than 5%

of its customers will want to exercise this option because LiveLeap

<em>does</em> work as advertised and it <em>is</em> the

game changer that it has been made out to be. You will NOT regret this purchase

(unless you had no intention of doing live broadcasts in the first place!)

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