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Now, meeting the need for certainty can be simply described as the need to AVOID pain and gain pleasure when using natural pheromone perfumes. Or in other words, our need to find comfort. Because hundreds of thousands of years ago, the cost of discomfort was that we will eventually die. Not the case so much now though, death is a much rarer event in our modern world but our brains are still always seeking comfort. Think about the person who refuses to leave the house and do novel things like bungee jumping, long bike rides, nights out on the town – are they valuing a need to variety or a need for certainty? Certainty, of course. You can usually pick the men and women who don’t feel very certain within themselves for real pheromones. Learn more athttp://infospeak.org/?p=128
They usually have poor posture, don’t actively lean in when they talk to you – sometimes try to avoid getting in to conversations…you get the drift. So, certainty is the need to avoid pain and gain pleasure of true pheromones. Learn more athttp://thongchaimedical.org/?p=176andhttp://pheromones-planet.com/athena-for-men/
Here are a number of ways that men typically try to meet their need for certainty: – Going to their job. J obs have this sense of security, sense of sameness and certainty that can be relied upon. – Having a faith or religion. – Addictions – you can be addicted to anything. For example, smoking, sex, eating, learned helplessness, depression and be certain of it. – Using anger and aggression (getting angry gives you instant certainty).
This is one reason why violence is so common amongst men, it’s so easy to use violence to instantly get someone’s attention and have certainty that the other person will respond to you. – Trying to control everything, not being able to relax. Some men love to control their woman in an attempt to get some certainty in their lives. – Being career-driven or achievement focused on true pheromones.
-Being negative (I’m sure you’ve met MANY people like this!) – Insisting on consistency and rituals – wanting things to happen at a certain time, not wanting routines stuffed around. Etc. sometimes being “anal” or “strict” about a certain thing is a man’s way to set up rules for certainty. H ow can you meet a man’s need for certainty? Here are my suggestions of natural pheromones.
But remember, ultimately, you need to get to know your man, and figure out how he needs to hear and see things from you in a way that juices him – If you’ve been together 6 months or more, tell him you will love him forever. Give him the certainty that he has a place in your heart. – You can say: “sometimes, the decisions we/you make me feel really nervous and scared.
But, I know you, and I trust you, so I know that if you’re around, it will be ok. – Be conscious of the fact that although men are women BOTH work hard in this day and age, men tend to need to get in to intense masculine mode in order to work and accomplish their work – which means that after they finish, they want peace, or appreciation, or both. So look for the times where he’s knackered or just quiet, and say: “Thank You for working so hard for us.”
This doesn’t devalue you. It shows him that you are willing to be a part of a team, and not demand appreciation before you’re willing to give it. And, by the way, in return, he will be more willing to take care of you. This is because of the simple act of reciprocity. It works under-the-radar, without us even knowing it. At the bottom of it all, a man needs to have the certainty that you’ll stick around and be loyal to him. He needs to know that all his resources are going to a woman who’s going to value it, and respect it with true pheromones. There are just too many women who take advantage and take everything from men that men have gotten smart about it. They want to test you to see if you will stick around for him, or for his pheromone scent.

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